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Wooden Flute Homepage
The primary focus of this site is simple system flutes with or without keys, which are often referred to as Irish flutes.

Jean-Michel Veillon
Jean-Michel is widely recognized as the finest player of the wooden flute in the Celtic musical tradition

Wooden Flute Guide (formerly Ceolas Irish Flute Guide)
Written by Brad Hurley and Gerard Manning, this is the best Irish flute primer on the internet

Irish Flute Maker,The Hamilton Workshop
The Hamilton flute workshop was set up in 1979 as the very first instrument workshop devoted to the simple system flute as used in Irish music, and Colin 'Hammy' Hamilton has been a pioneer in the design and developement of these flutes.

Maker of fine flutes and bombardes. Tregor, Brittany.

Tai Hei Shakuhachi
The definitive page on the beautiful Japanese flute sometimes used in Celtic music

The Chris Wilkes Flute Page
One of the finest simple-system flute makers working today, made known to the world by the late Frankie Kennedy

Boxwood Traditional Flute Camp
Conducted by Chris Norman & Janet See, Boxwood is a camp committed to developing a deeper appreciation for the traditional wooden flute and its music

Michael McGoldrick
Flute player from Lúnasa and Coolfin

Rob Greenway's Irish Flute Pages
Everything Rob wishes he'd been told when he started playing.

Mark Hoza
Maker of flutes & fifes.

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