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Thanks for checking out the Texas Celtic Music Network. This site is geared toward promoting Celtic Music and Dance in and around Texas, with an emphasis on helping the Celtic musician and dancer. Anyone with even a passing interest in Celtic music will find here a wealth of information on the subject. Our "Calendar," "Bands" and "Dancers" sections naturally take center stage. Of special interest to musicians will be the "Venues" section, which is a listing of most venues that feature Celtic music in the region, complete with contact names, phone numbers and addresses. This, hopefully, will assist bands throughout the area to take a stab at playing out of town and expanding their following.

The Links section now has some of the most comprehensive links pages available on the web for not only musicians, but dancers, promoters, agents, students, and music lovers in general. Check out this section on a regular basis as new links will be appearing weekly.

The Celtic Nations sections (Breton, Irish, Scottish, etc.) offer links to explore the rich heritage of music and dance in the Seven (or Eight?) Celtic Nations and Cape Breton (Canada).

This web site (like any other site worth its salt) is constantly under construction. Some pages have yet to be completed for the simple fact that we've yet to find links for them. We are forever looking to expand--and in some cases consolidate--the Texas Celtic Music Network, and generally strive to give better support to the wealth of Celtic music and dance resources in and around Texas. Please email us with your suggestions!

If you would like to have an item listed on the Texas Celtic Music
Network, please e-mail us at: links @ texcelt.org.

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