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Comprehensive listing and web pages of hundreds of Breton bands, old and new (French)

Guide to Music in Brittany
The International Committee for the Defense of the Breton Language (ICBL) Breton Music Guide (English)

La Musique Celtique
Concert dates, group information, song lyrics, links etc. (French)

La Page Trad
Pages dedicated to Traditional Music around the World. Lots of Breton & French information.

Ceolas Celtic Music Archive
The Grandfather of Celtic music web pages

Celtic Music Newsgroup
Celtic Music Newsgroup. This is a Usenet service. Use a newsreader or Google Groups to access it.

General site for traditional music in France (French)

Bodadeg Ar Sonerion
Association of sonneurs and bagadoù in Brittany. (English, Breton & French)

Son ha Ton
Breton song web page. (French)

Yann-Fañch Perroches' Breton MIDI Tunes
Breton MIDI page with information on dance origins by the former Skolvan accordionist Yann-Fañch Perroches. (English & French)

"Breton Folk Music, Breton Identity, And Alan Stivell's Again"
Steve Winick's Breton folk music essay. (English)

Keltia Music
Major Breton record label (French)

Site for Breton and Celtic music and musicians: directory, forum, events listings (French)

Dirty Linen
Folk, Electric folk, Traditional & World information

Folk Roots
The world's leading roots, folk and world music magazine

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Instrumental and Dance Ensembles (Modern Folk Bands)

The legendary Breton band has been revived! (English & French)

The top fest-noz band in Brittany today (English & French)

Skolvan - Traditional music from Brittany
One of the prime exponents of Breton dance music today (English & French)

One of the most respected bands in Brittany; a gathering of legends (French)

All-star lineup performing "gwerz" songs (traditional epic ballads) (French)

Duo Veillon-Riou
Jean-Michel Veillon and Yvon Riou (French)

Top fest-noz band... with a great sense of humor (French)

Celtic Fiddle Festival
Trio of fiddlers from Ireland (Kevin Burke), Scotland (Johnny Cunningham) and Britanny (Christian Lemaitre).

Loened Fall
fest-noz group performing kan ha diskan dance music (French)

The House Band
English traditional/celtic group.

Dances from west and east Brittany and original compositions (English, French, Spanish and Breton)

Costard Ouate
Music and dance from Brittany and the Celtic countries (French)

Tri Yann Web
Web page of one of the oldest & most popular Breton bands (English & French)

Trouz Bras
"Trouz Bras" means Big Noise in the Celtic language of Brittany--a band in New England which performs the dance music of Brittany.

Diaouled Ar Menez
One of the oldest trad bands in Brittany (French)

Music from Brittany, Central & Southwest France, Alsace, Renaissance,... (French)

Duo Dom DufF-Lamour
Breton Music & Song (French)

Breton electro-rock fest-noz quintet (French). Also on MySpace: www.myspace.com/plantec


Sonner (Instrumentalists)

Jean-Michel Veillon
Jean-Michel is widely recognized as one of the finest players of the wooden flute in the Celtic musical tradition (French)

Soïg Sibéril
Guitar master (French)

Alain Stivell
The father of the contemporary Breton folk revival (French)

Kristen Noguès
Modern and traditional Breton harpist (French)

Yvon Riou
Top Breton guitarist (French)

Patrick Molard
Top Breton piper (Binou Braz, Binou Kozh, Irish pipes)

Jacky Molard
Violinist, arranger and composer (French)

Dominique Molard
Percussionist (French)

A master of the Breton Accordéon diatonic, Yann-Fañch was a founding member of Skolvan. (English, French, Breton & Italian)

Alain Pennec
Accordionist and teacher (French)

Dan Ar Braz
Breton Guitarist (French)

Roger Poitevin
Diatonic accordionist, with tabature and dance info. (English & French)

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Kaner (Singers)

Yann-Fañch Kemener
Brittany's most famous vocalist (French)

Eric Marchand
Gwerz songs and Breton fusion

Gilles Servat
Breton and French folk songs (French)

Annie Ebrel
Gwerz singer (French)

Anne Aufftet
Singer and harpist (French)

Dom Duff
Singer and guitarist


Bagadoù (Pipe Bands)

The Kemper Bagad
Web Page of one of the finest Breton Bagads (English & French)

Bagad Lann-Bihoué
Famous pipe band from the Military base in southern Brittany (French)

Bagad Vannes
One of the few bagads which has performed in the US (French)

Bagad Keriz
Award-winning Bagad (French)


Bombarde and Binou Duos

Jean Baron and Christian Anneix
One of the top binou-bombarde duos in Brittany (French)


Fusion (Traditional-Contemporary Hybrids)

Alain Genty
5-string basist and composer (French)

Jaques Pellen
Breton-jazz fusion guitarist (French)

Breton-Celtic-Berber music (English & French)

L'Ange Vert
Original compositions & fusion of Breton rhythms and electric rock (English & French)

Breton, Irish, African percussion... (French & Breton)

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The On Bouge! Breton Crib Sheet
Descriptions of Breton dances. (English & French)

Danses Bretonnes
Breton Dance page (French)

Logiciel Musique & Danses en Bretagne
Developing software for teaching Breton dances. (French)

Sound files for many Breton dances. (French)

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Festival Interceltique
The largest Celtic festival in the world, held in Lorient, Brittany (French)
US Representative: Jan Zollars
e-mail: jan.zollars @ hccs.edu

Festival de Cornouaille
Music and Dance festival in Western Brittany. (French)

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Bombarde FAQ
Frequently asked questions for those just beginning to play the classic Breton instrument (English)

Alden Hackmann's Hurdy-gurdy Home Page
The definitive Hurdy-gurdy Homepage (English)

Daniel LaFontaine
Electric Violins & Cellos, bouzouki, Psaltreys, Dulcimers and Bodhráns (French)

The Diatonic Accordion Collective of Brittany (CADB)
The Diatonic Accordion Collective of Brittany (CADB) (French)

Bernard Loffet
Maker of accordions. (English & French)

The Bagpipes of Poitou
Page dedicated to the "Veuze," or ancient Breton Bagpipe (English)

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The International Committee for the Defense of the Breton Language
Established in 1975 in Brussels, Belgium, to support the Breton language and recognize its place in the schools, media and public life of Brittany. Excellent links to Breton language web sites (English)

Bretons.org (English Version)
Resources for Bretons living in the US.

Gold Ring CD and Book Store
The only on-line bookstore that features a good selection of books in English on Brittany

Web of on-line Dictionaries
Great resource for finding Celtic language dictionaries

Languages-on-the-Web - Breton Page
The Breton page of the Languages-on-the-Web Language Links site (English)

The Alternative Breton Dictionary
English/Breton slang dictionary

L'Organisation des Bretons de l'Extérieur
Breton Culture "e-zine" (mostly French)

Ethnologue Language Database - Breton
Breton Language listing in an incredibly interesting and indispensable linguistic database. Check out this page for all Celtic languages (English)

SMO Brezhoneg
Excellent Breton Language tutor in English

General Celtic Cultural Newsgroup

Breton Cultural Newsgroup

Dave's French Links
Go to "Search Engine" and do a keyword search for "Breton" and you'll come up with some interesting information...

Ar Bed Keltiek
Web pages of 2 Celtic book shops in Brittany (English & French)


Brittany Tourist Board
Breton tourist board (English & French)

Breton touist info site (English version may be under construction)

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